Monday, September 5, 2016

October 5, 2015

So I wanna start off with thing with saying thank you to all of you back home for supporting me! It means a lot and gives me that extra push to move forward when the days seem long and endless. And also thank you for the bike i got it and i have been putting it to work! so let me get started with this weekly update! 

Monday- Well nothing really happened on monday we did our usual P-day routine and after sending emails we went out and did work till no one would listen to us anymore. Why is everyone in this small town scared of missionaries? 

Tuesday- Today Elder Barlow and I went to do family history during our did hour of the day. And this time i was gonna actually try doing it and looking for info on my family instead of putting it off. well i remembered why i put it off... I dont have anywhere to start from! all i was able to get was the birthday of my grandpa but that is all the info i had and nothing was coming up with it :( Nothing came out of my trying so i left irritated and more lost and confused. later that day i played a prank on one of the elders in our apartment, i hid his mattress in there closet before they showed up from there last appointment. well i had them, believing that i threw it away, well either im good at acting, or he has no humor but he believed me and got upset and told me to get it from out side... well it wasn't till he opened his closet that he realized where i had put it. yeah he wasnt happy... but it was funny :) .

Wednesday- We had to do exchanges and and i was put together with the elder i had just played a trick on last night! also we had to teach seminary this morning... Im happy i missed those years i dont think i would have been able to make it four years of that.  So i tip my imaginary cowboy hat to ya'll who survived it! but after that during my personal studies i did a silent prayer that i would some how find or get info during the week that would help me with family history.  uring our companion study we got a text from the Ap telling us to go on the computes and read up on some things they were  gonna talk about on Friday during Zone meeting. so we did, went to the library and did so, but after i was finished i had a feeling i should start looking through the internet for Mexico catholic church records. well i found a site that had info on birth and marriage..ect and with the date i had aquired the day before i was able to find my grandpas birth records and not only that it had my great grand parents names on it! i now had something to go off of! my prayer was answered :)
Thursday- weekly planning and oyming till week got back to the our apartment
Friday- We had Zone Meeting alot of good information was brought up which would help me later in my studies. we then concluded the meeting with playing scatter ball! it got really intense and im really sore from it... but worth it :D
Sat/Sun- Conference! I hope every one enjoyed and got something spiritual out of this weekends conference! I went into this conference with a few questions in mind not only to keep me focused but to also get revelation from the prophets and spirit. and by the end all my my questions were answered! and I had an even more desire to continue on with my mission and i was excited to see the three new apostles called. Elder Bednars was sad as he recalled the past apostles :(. after conference we went to talk top Victor and his wife and they had great news! Victor has chosen to be baptized on november 7!! we were so excited, he told us to be prepared for the world to exploded after. jokes aside this was the best news all week. He is ready not only we can tell but he has noticed it himself which makes it even better!
well that is what i have for you all this week and ill let you guys know what new next week on the Elder Herrera Show!

this is a picture of gas prices here in port lavaca that was during the week i check early today again and it is now $1.82 yup feel jealous!
Signing out ,
Elder Herrera

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