Monday, September 5, 2016

October 14, 2015

How'dy Everyone! 

I really dont know where to start its almost the end of my second transfer and its gone by so fast. there are days i wish that time would slow down so that i could do more before it gets dark and we have to head back home,so darn you short days not enough times to do everything i want!

this last week was fairly simple we visted Victor twice and he still very eager to for his baptismal date! He invited a friend from Utah who said he would make the journey to be there on his day which made him even more happy! We were also able to talk to Javier and hes been ready from the the Book of Mormon which we left with him. He had a few question about it and once we explained he said everything he read mad sense, we extended a baptismal date but he said he wasn't ready but we invited him to have a church tour and hes was actually interested and so we have that set with him! Saturday an investigator named Josue invited us to to have Papusas with him in the morning and oh boy they were delicious! we talk about his past and found out why he been hesitant to go to church with us. but he says its nothing because of us but his personal stuff he needs to fix before he can. but hes a great guy and he really enjoys us missionaries.

Well yesterday on Tuesday we went to the temple and that was exciting! and also very spiritual! we drove up on Monday to stay the night since from our area it would have been a long drive for that, especially to get there on time early in the morning. But yeah the temple is a great place to receive answers to your questions! but the majority know this from personal experiences.

well i have to go cause we are heading off to the Country Fair!! YE HA.... haha but yeah that should be fun.

Love all ya'all,
Elder Herrera

Ps ill have photos next week!

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