Monday, September 5, 2016

December 15, 2015

Hello everyone!

So i dont know where to start. Well this week was interesting cause it felt busy but i dont feel exhausted. So let me start on the fact ive been able to move forward in  my family  history and made it back to my third great grand parents this was after my companion told me was free.. well in his terms ive been bit by the family history bug. so much fun being able to see all these old documents. anyways im excited about that.

Oh and weve been doing alot of singing this week to cause my companion came up awith the idea of getting our branch to go out and do Christmas carols. so we've been setting up this activety and getting people out to practice with us.Hopefully everything turns out well since tomorrow is when we go out and do it. Oh and also i got volunteered to be part of the missionary choir for our christmas party next week so my companion and i have been practicing and i dont know if it will turn out great but hey gotta try new things :) 

This week we have three progressing individual investigators Rudolf Herrera, Dylan, And Candy. they are slowly moving forward but each one is moving at there own speed. Like Candy she was hesitant on doing a prayer for a while and at the end of one of our meeting she did the closing prayer and asked to know if the BofM was true. it was a big step forward and showed us she is really trying. Dylan and Rudolf are both reading which is great!

I hope everyone is doing well and that yall are getting ready for the holiday festivity's, just remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas :) 

random things durning the week:
i saw a duck throw up....i dint know they could do that.

we found a big spider in our car... its STILL in our car!

My tire got another flat.. ugh and in the same tire too.

Quote of the week:
"if i cant have a gf, a sweater will have to do"- Elder Barlow

Till next time, be safe!

Elder Herrera

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