Monday, September 5, 2016

Am i turtle enough for the turtle club?

May 23, 2016

Hello folks!

This week was pretty eventful :) we have two investigators who are progressing! Benito and Martin they are both older gentlemen and have both been reading the book of mormon. now our plan this week is to get them to church :) these two gentlemen are awesome! Its awesome seeing them progress :)

So this week during sacrament we had a bad lighting storm  that cut the electricity to the building so we had to have the first hour in the dark which was an awesome experience because the speakers didn't work, everyone had to be more reverent than normal to be able to hear everything so it was a spiritual experience :)

Over all the last week we rescued a turtle of the side of the road and chilled with it all day :)))🐢 he had a great time!

And then on thursday there was a tornado warning😱 hah ait wasnt as bad as it sound but the rain was bad and we had to go to the church building cause it wasnt safe to be out side tracting during that time. over all we were safe :) latwer that day it returned to being hot and sunny lol

Oh ive been reading the book of mormon backwards and its been a great experince. its like seeing a movie in reverse! some things i didnt catch going forward ive been able to understand better going backwards. so i recomened ya'll to try it :) 

well thats all i have to share this week i hope ya'll have a great week. and hopefully i have more to share next week! Stay safe!

Elder Herrera busting out of here...

SO this is us playing in the rain during a tornado warning

saved a turtle from getting smashed yesterday!

see tornado warning... is it bad ive been praying for one?

oh i forgot we went to the temple is last week as a Branch but we also went as a district! and it was fun! going to the temple is always a great experience :)

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