Monday, September 5, 2016

Whats in my pocket?

June 27, 2016

I should really start keeping track of the fun stuff that happened through out the week like i did in the beginning of my mission. well i ll keep a note of that for later.

So ill give some small high lights of the week. We finished almost finished some shirts we made which is awesome, pictures below. but that was our district activity last week. This last week we also helpped out with the flood victims down here sadly i had to head up to houston, so i couldnt stay long. we also attened a baptism that the YSA elders were having. there convert went through a lot of persiution from his family leading up to his baptism but he didnt let that get in the way. hes a great example of satan doing all he can to stop us from progressing, but as long as we have faith and work hard always moving forward we can over come him! 
Our brach this saturday had a fathers day party and it was fun, i enjoyed the food most of all! 

well that seems  to be all for now have a great week and keep enjoying your summer! ill have more to tell next time i promise! 

Elder Herrera

i found a small frog in my pocket how it got there i have no idea
and Angel our Branch President son

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