Monday, September 5, 2016

November 30, 2015


So we had transfer calls today and well im staying! the only person who got transfered fom our district was our district leader elder Hanson. we later got a call from our mission president and he called my companion ELder Barlow to be the new District Leader. pretty awesome im excited because i get to go on exchanges..*evil laugh*... 

But yeah thanks giving week was great we had alot of meel appointment leading up to it and then well we got FED! you know how they say everythings big in texas.. well they goo big with the amount of food they give you! boy it feels like i ate two turkeys myself. 

well i would like to go on about my week but it was mostly riding to appointments and having them fall through or trying potentials and then not being able to get in touch with this week has not been a good week but it doesnt put me down, i just jump on my bike ride to the next person cause i know on person, the person will answer and will be willing to here our message.

so this week on Wednesday is the start of a new transfer! and the well the count down to Christmas and being able to call home! so that going to be exciting :) I hope everyone had a great thanks giving and i hope ya'll are ready for the Christmas Season  and if you are i would like to derict you to this website which i hope the missionary are sharing back home 

Keep Warm and talk to you next week, sorry this wasnt long next time will be longer!

-Elder Herrera

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