Monday, September 5, 2016


May 30, 2016

Hey everyone how are ya'll this week? so not much happened this last week kinda went by super quickly! so this email may be short! but ill make sure to make it interesting.

 So last week we was transfers but no one got moved from our district we just got a new elder added into our district. so we did have planned to go up to the mission office but we ended up going so i could sign some papers and my companion could talk to our housing coordinator about the new apartment were getting....OH yeah we're getting a new apartment this week and so were excited to get out of our dirty cockroach infested, weed smelling, dump hole!! and getting an awesome new place :D i like new thingS!! so mailing address will come next week when i know what it is. 
 Sad part of our week was that one of our family was moving and we helped them move :( they are heading to Arizona but i know that they will bless the ward they move into!<P1030604.JPG>
 The Almanza family (SUPER AWESOME) 

 this week we also have a new baptismal date for next month! Her name is Kate and she has been seeing the elders for the last couple of years and my companion and i both have gotten prompted to invite her and last night we had an amazing lesson with her! Im happy that she accepted and is taking the next step! please keep her in your prayers since now that she has accepted the advisory will be on her now!
 I have a request from ya'll, its something small but hopefully will turn out big! I was wondering if i could get ya'll to write your testimony of the Book of Mormon and send it to me. our district has decided to put not only our testimonies but the testimonies of our friends and families in them. and i was wondering if all of ya'll could send me your testimony of the Book of Mormon and so i can share them with the people of Texas. 
 Well I'll finish up here but i hope everyone is doing well and that everyone had a great memorial day weekend! Hope to hear back and if not ya'll are always in my prayers!
 ~Elder Herrera

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