Monday, September 5, 2016

January 4, 2016

Hello good friends and family!
Well this week is onna be sort because were in a rush to go lazer tagging!
well yeah a new year has quickly come once again! I stayed up till twelve by myself cause everyone in the appartment couldnt hang... so when the clock struck 12 i started banging on a pot and yelling happy new years hahah :).  well  As we reminisce of our greatest accomplishments last years and dread over our epic fails, but now lets look forward no a new beginning!  new paths to take and new adventures to start! i cant wait to see what this year has to hold and i know its gonna go by quickly so im gonna try and enjoy as much as i can!
my new years resolution this year is to give a complement to someone each day.
well i hope ya'll are doing great and keeping warm,
Elder Herrera

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