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November 16, 2015

Good day to ya'll,

So I forgot my journal back in the apartment so this weeks email is going to be a little short since i cant remember everything  i did last week, Also that time is slowly moving after t o the point ive given up keeping track. 

So normally the town im in shuts down at 8pm and there is no soul is out side and if you have kids they are asleep already. So normally thats our dead hour, but since we fell back an hour once it goes dark people go by natural reaction and go inside thinking its late but its only six! so no our dead hour starts at 7pm! we make sure we set appointments before but most days we try to OYM till we give up. but recently we have found new investigators that we can visit at 7 or 8 in the evenings so that's a great news for us :D!

On friday we had Zone Conference and had to wake up early to be there on time. sleep why do you for sake me? Well the the topics of this conference was working with members and consecrating our selves to the lord. we had may great talks and had members bare there testimony on how they were converted. we also got introduced to the Christmas initiative which is really cool so ill update you more on that later on. but yeah for our lunch break we got fried chicken and other goodies. well idk what it was but from all that but ive been feeling sick ever since then. Ive been tired and sluggish since then so i feel it coming on but im fighting it off through will power cause i don't
 wanna be stuck at the apartment that would be boring! so Ill fight it off long enough! 

Oh this Saturday we also had our Thanks Giving dinner here in port lavaca,  Elder Barlow and I mad a salad for it. we had a great turn out of members and investigators show up. it was a great night full of food and unity in the branch! Deep fried turkey is the best!! i was full afterwards but the best part was the LEFT OVERS!
Well thats my update for the week, i hope everyones is doing great back home and ill talk to ya'll next week
Elder Herrera

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