Monday, September 5, 2016

News! Floods! Break it down!!

June 14, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week we had to change pday to tuesday cause we decided to help out our stake president clean out his house after the flooding he got to feet of water in his house. It took us most of the day but it all turned out well, 12 missionaries and two of them being samoans we did WORK!

This last week we also Helpped out at Salvation army helping receive donation for the people affected by the floods. It was a long day but we saw a lot of peoplel in the community come out and help and we also met cool people and got our names out! So over all a success!

On tuesday we found the lopez family they are a family who have been praying before hand to find a church and revieve a guidance to one. Low and behold two young people show up and teahc them the restoration and the part were we talk about the first vision my companion said “ if you pray to know these things are true you may not get anser like joseph smith but you'll get an answer” the mother replied saying your right I may not have seen them but Im looking at the next best thing!! this last week they have come to two activities and her daughter is currently at girls camp! So they are progressing supper quickly! So please keep them in your prayers that this keeps going smoothly!

Oh and last Friday we got to listen to Elder Foster who visteed our mission, so that was a great experince :)

last week flew by supper quickly so much stuff happening!

Well ill leave it ther for now till next week,

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