Monday, September 5, 2016

Spanish to English

July 11, 20116

So this last week was transfers and so I'm here in South shore but I'm also English speaking...what is this? um the new area is looking good i have NASA in it. so i may go there some p-day we'll see.
My companion is great hes mad the re locating a good experience. I had to give a talk on sunday and it was wierd doing it in English since ive been giving talks in spanish for a year. So yeah the language change is kinda difficult. Im still adapting but ill be all good in the next couple of days. 

So I dont know what to say lol  since all this last week went by so fast. so ill leave you all with some pictures! of me and the YSA elders and my Teddy Bear and another elders Teddy bear and a picture of a living Amarillo i finally got to see a living one!!! ssuccessssss.

Well i love and miss ya'll, hope everyone is doing great till next time!

Elder Herrera

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