Monday, September 5, 2016

April 4, 2016


Hola Ya'll

So this last week was just a lot of preparing people for conference by getting them to study and have questions ready before hand so they could all receive the revelation and guidance they need in their lives. We had Gil our investigator do all these things and we were excited for him to be there but he didn't show for either of the days :/ we are getting in contact this week to see what happen we arnt giving up on him! 

This week we also moved so many people! It getting to the point where if we wanted we could start up a moving company!  but it would be free...  we would just ask to be fed :) 

Oh oh so confrence was amazing! I could go deep into what i learned and what i liked about it but my time is running short. I just wanna say that that ill definitly be going over all the talks again and studying them during my personal study time in the morning! those who haven't seen it recommended that ya'll go and check it out! 
But i just wanna say i love ya'll, I enjoy being out here and doing this amazing work! its hard but in the end its worth it :)

Well Ill leave yall for this week! till next time!
~Elder Herrera  

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