Monday, September 5, 2016

November 23, 2015

How are all ya'll doing?

So something i forgot to mention last week was that Victor was given the priesthood! and this week it was great to see him passing the sacrament, it brought me happiness seeing that! and also he was excited this week to cause he bought his first tie and tonight we are going to teach him how to tie it! 

this last week i was a little under the weather trying to fight off this sick feeling that wanted to get me but i was like nope not gonna happen... well that went well till the northern winds hit a few days ago and today i woke up with a head cold. so besides a slight cough and that im doing great this last week went pretty well. on monday we visited Josue who's from el salvador and he enjoys when we come by and teach him. he says he likes how he has grown close to us and he even gave us little souvenirs from his country. at this moment hes on the boarder lines of deciding which direction he wants to take. we arent pushing him at this point we are be supportive of what he decides and being an example which he said he likes. After we visted him we also went to a new investigator Tino hes a cool guy open to all that we teach with alot of energy, he has some problems with his health so its hard to catch him at home sometimes. but he has that desire to learn more which is always amazing he really loved the Plan of Salvation which answered some important questions hes always had.

the days that continued where more strait forward, riding up and down streets going to meetings and visiting member's, and looking for less active members. All in a normal busy missionary day. 

This week we are excited not only cause its Thanks giving, which i hope every one is happy for, not black friday! But because one of our memebers daughter is getting baptized on the 25th. we went over to see if they needed any help with preparing for it and well some how our talk led to us getting fed shrimp he caught earlier that day haha. i dont know how to eat shrimp apparently cause the whole family was laughing at me. 

Well this week shall be fun and full of food :) and hopefully other excitement. i hope everyone is doing well and that you also have an amazing time with your familys  this week. my missionary friends to you i wish you good tiding and a meal appointment or two on Thanksgiving :)

1 Thessalonians 5:18 

Till next time, be safe!
~Elder Herrera

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