Monday, September 5, 2016

October 26, 2015

This last week was suppose to be transfer but no one here got moved so where all together for another 6 weeks! I really do enjoy this area and the work were doing. its been slow trying to get our goal going, which is making this branch a ward. The only thing we've been having problems with is getting the members motivated to help in the goal. but we've been working hard to get everyone active and working together what they don't know that our FHE we have on tuesdays are basically training them to do so lol. but we have made progress and with our baptism coming up everyone is getting excited, its been a full year since the last one in this building.

This last week it finally felt like fall, well the fall im use to anyways cloudy/rainy/and windy. it still warm down here but that didnt stop me from wearing a sweater! My companion noticed once it got cloudy i got all excited and no longer bummed and depressed from all the sun and heat. I miss washington weather haha. but sadly it only lasted a few days and today it returned to being sunny and warm... well no more sweaters for a while. This week week is gonna be kinda busy in the since were having district meeting tomorrow, and on Friday were going on a two hour trip back top sugar land to here from one of the member of the seventy Elder Corbridge! hes the one who gave the talk on the fourth missionary. everyone getting excited for that.

I hope everyone is doing well back home and they your enjoying the cold weather or as much as you can. well ill talk to y'all next week! be good read your scriptures and have some hot chocolate on me :)

Elder Herrera

Ps. I like any advise you can possibly give! so anything would be great :D thank you. 

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