Monday, September 5, 2016

December 21, 2015

Despite not feeling like winter, my companion and i have made a great effort make it feel like Christmas from Decorating our apartment and room to going out caroling with member of our branch and then caroling some more with just us four missionaries. this week wasnt as or normal weeks since we had zone meeting and then my companion and i had to do an exchange with the zone leaders, Family history is getting better, and then our Christmas party!
Tusday- well for our FHE we put on was a caroling night and visited members in our branch. we also made cookies for them.

So on wensday we had Zone meeting in Bay City, our mission president was there and we went over what how to contact people and how to do daily and weekily planning accourding to the people we are teaching, and not to just fill up spot in our day.
Thursday- we went on exchanges with the zone leader and i stayed in our area and ran it for the day.
Friday- Did family history and with the help of Megan Hughes i was able to find more information! my companion said ive been bit by the Family History Bug.
Saturday we were asked while doing our studys to help set up for the christmas party that night. well we thought it was only going to be an hour turned out to be longer cause we ended up helping make tamales for the party :) and they were good! me and two of the other Elder were wise men for the nativity, oh and Guess who showed up Santa!(Andre). Long story short we needed a santa i was going to be it, but remembered he was coming and well we asked and he was all for it. He was a great Santa! the Christmas party was a success and every one had fun. 
Sunday- after church me and my companion walked around our whole area in port lavaca after our appointments got dropped looking for people to teach. gave out a few pass along cards and fter it got dark we went caroling with the other elders again:)
This last week was great and this week i know is going to be great as well I hope every one back home is doing well and the true spirit of christmas is with all of ya'll. ill add some pictures of everything thats gone on so far.
Take care and have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Herrera

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