Monday, September 5, 2016

Mudd'n!.. oh im stuck...

April 18, 2016

This last week we had transfers like i mentioned last time and my companion was getting transfer, so my new companion ELder Mckague is awesome, he has two transfers left counting this one, but he still hasn't hit his trunky period so he still hard working! especially now that we have planned out to find new people and baptize this transfers! so we're having fun with the work. trying new tactics to find people to teach. sadly this last week was slow and most of the pontentials we tried werent there or we couldnt get in contact with them. so that was a little frustrating and kinda a bad first week for my companion being new to the area. But this sunday we had a council with our new branch president and we came up with a plan for the branch so im excited to see the work start moving here!

This week while we were driving trying out less actives and i had to park but the only place i could go park was in a muddy field by there house, so i did and left it there as we went back and were leaving i got an idea... and it was to go mudd'n and well being in a truck how could i not? so i did! and well all was great till i decided to leave and well "i think im stuck" my companion looked at me and was like im not pushing. so i used my previous knowledge to somehow get out and after i did by some miracle its sleps from my mouth and i say "and im a boss"  my companion bursted out laughing. yeah apperently that was funny enough it was his title to his email this week \(>~>)/ who knew i was funny... 

so pictures explanation:
one is of a cool sign some baptis church used. not half bad lol
second is of me and Elder Wayne. please dont mind my desk it not that dirty. 

Well wish me luck this week:) till next time,

~Elder Herrera

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