Monday, September 5, 2016

December 28, 2015

Hey everyone! How was CHRISTMAS?
So this last week was awesome full of tamales sing and gifts!
Last money my email was short since we had to take off to go up to sugar land and practice with the choir for the Christmas conference we had since i got volunteered into it and my companion was the pianist for the performances.  well the practice went well we spent the night at an elder apartment it was okay besides sleeping on the floor.
The next day was our conference day and time to sing well like most of ya'll know i dont sing in public and or at church but i did my best and the choir sounded amazing theressome videos up some where ill find the link and put it on the bottom. but after that and the talks were over, my mission president offered up three movie options to watch and one of them was INSIDEOUT the pixar movie, well since ive already seen it and it was still funny what really made me laugh was everyone else laughing....boy most these people have been move deprived for almost two years. butr it was great. we then proceeded to eat and it was the best food ever two full platyes stacked up. then we had gift echanges and got the rest of the gifts we got.
Wednesday we went out and oymed and passed out a lot of THE SAVIOR IS BORN cards in anticipation that maybe some one we gave it to would like to hear more of what we have to share. that night  we were invited to a memebers christmas party and well we had fun and at some more!
christmas eve wasnt much of a success all we wee able to do is go around to our memebrs houses and give them some christmas cards my comapnion and i made for them. and once it got dark well you could start to hear the hispanics start to party haha but yeah that was fun, stayed up till 12 to open some of my gifts then went to sleep.
Friday skyped my family  that was fun i liked seing how much my baby brother has grown. and talking to my parents and friends that were there that was a great time. ill add pictures of my christmas after this email.
Well i hope everyone is doing great and that ya'll were good and got gifts from Santa. well ill talk to ya'll next time.
ELder Herrera

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