Monday, September 5, 2016

Spanish to English

July 11, 20116

So this last week was transfers and so I'm here in South shore but I'm also English speaking...what is this? um the new area is looking good i have NASA in it. so i may go there some p-day we'll see.
My companion is great hes mad the re locating a good experience. I had to give a talk on sunday and it was wierd doing it in English since ive been giving talks in spanish for a year. So yeah the language change is kinda difficult. Im still adapting but ill be all good in the next couple of days. 

So I dont know what to say lol  since all this last week went by so fast. so ill leave you all with some pictures! of me and the YSA elders and my Teddy Bear and another elders Teddy bear and a picture of a living Amarillo i finally got to see a living one!!! ssuccessssss.

Well i love and miss ya'll, hope everyone is doing great till next time!

Elder Herrera

Whats in my pocket?

June 27, 2016

I should really start keeping track of the fun stuff that happened through out the week like i did in the beginning of my mission. well i ll keep a note of that for later.

So ill give some small high lights of the week. We finished almost finished some shirts we made which is awesome, pictures below. but that was our district activity last week. This last week we also helpped out with the flood victims down here sadly i had to head up to houston, so i couldnt stay long. we also attened a baptism that the YSA elders were having. there convert went through a lot of persiution from his family leading up to his baptism but he didnt let that get in the way. hes a great example of satan doing all he can to stop us from progressing, but as long as we have faith and work hard always moving forward we can over come him! 
Our brach this saturday had a fathers day party and it was fun, i enjoyed the food most of all! 

well that seems  to be all for now have a great week and keep enjoying your summer! ill have more to tell next time i promise! 

Elder Herrera

i found a small frog in my pocket how it got there i have no idea
and Angel our Branch President son


June 20, 2016

Hello every one sorry not much to say this week except a lot of work was done to help out the flood victims here in the area! and ive come to find out that i love to destroy things! and since the waters have gone down in other areas we have been called to do more service this week to come! Hopefully all goes well and we can get these people back to thier normak way of life again. 

so these pictures are from service to me enjoying the fire to me catching random creatures. but im having fun thats a for sure thing. oh and were making tshirts! 

All is getting better down here in Texas, talk yo yall later.

~Elder Herrera

News! Floods! Break it down!!

June 14, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week we had to change pday to tuesday cause we decided to help out our stake president clean out his house after the flooding he got to feet of water in his house. It took us most of the day but it all turned out well, 12 missionaries and two of them being samoans we did WORK!

This last week we also Helpped out at Salvation army helping receive donation for the people affected by the floods. It was a long day but we saw a lot of peoplel in the community come out and help and we also met cool people and got our names out! So over all a success!

On tuesday we found the lopez family they are a family who have been praying before hand to find a church and revieve a guidance to one. Low and behold two young people show up and teahc them the restoration and the part were we talk about the first vision my companion said “ if you pray to know these things are true you may not get anser like joseph smith but you'll get an answer” the mother replied saying your right I may not have seen them but Im looking at the next best thing!! this last week they have come to two activities and her daughter is currently at girls camp! So they are progressing supper quickly! So please keep them in your prayers that this keeps going smoothly!

Oh and last Friday we got to listen to Elder Foster who visteed our mission, so that was a great experince :)

last week flew by supper quickly so much stuff happening!

Well ill leave it ther for now till next week,


May 30, 2016

Hey everyone how are ya'll this week? so not much happened this last week kinda went by super quickly! so this email may be short! but ill make sure to make it interesting.

 So last week we was transfers but no one got moved from our district we just got a new elder added into our district. so we did have planned to go up to the mission office but we ended up going so i could sign some papers and my companion could talk to our housing coordinator about the new apartment were getting....OH yeah we're getting a new apartment this week and so were excited to get out of our dirty cockroach infested, weed smelling, dump hole!! and getting an awesome new place :D i like new thingS!! so mailing address will come next week when i know what it is. 
 Sad part of our week was that one of our family was moving and we helped them move :( they are heading to Arizona but i know that they will bless the ward they move into!<P1030604.JPG>
 The Almanza family (SUPER AWESOME) 

 this week we also have a new baptismal date for next month! Her name is Kate and she has been seeing the elders for the last couple of years and my companion and i both have gotten prompted to invite her and last night we had an amazing lesson with her! Im happy that she accepted and is taking the next step! please keep her in your prayers since now that she has accepted the advisory will be on her now!
 I have a request from ya'll, its something small but hopefully will turn out big! I was wondering if i could get ya'll to write your testimony of the Book of Mormon and send it to me. our district has decided to put not only our testimonies but the testimonies of our friends and families in them. and i was wondering if all of ya'll could send me your testimony of the Book of Mormon and so i can share them with the people of Texas. 
 Well I'll finish up here but i hope everyone is doing well and that everyone had a great memorial day weekend! Hope to hear back and if not ya'll are always in my prayers!
 ~Elder Herrera

Am i turtle enough for the turtle club?

May 23, 2016

Hello folks!

This week was pretty eventful :) we have two investigators who are progressing! Benito and Martin they are both older gentlemen and have both been reading the book of mormon. now our plan this week is to get them to church :) these two gentlemen are awesome! Its awesome seeing them progress :)

So this week during sacrament we had a bad lighting storm  that cut the electricity to the building so we had to have the first hour in the dark which was an awesome experience because the speakers didn't work, everyone had to be more reverent than normal to be able to hear everything so it was a spiritual experience :)

Over all the last week we rescued a turtle of the side of the road and chilled with it all day :)))🐢 he had a great time!

And then on thursday there was a tornado warning😱 hah ait wasnt as bad as it sound but the rain was bad and we had to go to the church building cause it wasnt safe to be out side tracting during that time. over all we were safe :) latwer that day it returned to being hot and sunny lol

Oh ive been reading the book of mormon backwards and its been a great experince. its like seeing a movie in reverse! some things i didnt catch going forward ive been able to understand better going backwards. so i recomened ya'll to try it :) 

well thats all i have to share this week i hope ya'll have a great week. and hopefully i have more to share next week! Stay safe!

Elder Herrera busting out of here...

SO this is us playing in the rain during a tornado warning

saved a turtle from getting smashed yesterday!

see tornado warning... is it bad ive been praying for one?

oh i forgot we went to the temple is last week as a Branch but we also went as a district! and it was fun! going to the temple is always a great experience :)


April 25, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was awesome! our companion and I were on our bikes and knocking doors like crazy! and out of that we actually got a lot of return appointment. Also we cracked down on our former potential list and found some diamonds amongst the coals. so we're excited about that. and this week is booked with appointments so our efforts are slowly starting to show. 

sorry this letter this week will be short. 

But something new i did was give my companion a hair cut this morning so that was exciting :) i didnt do that bad of a job on it. but it was free so he can complain when he find the bald spot on the back of his head... shhh.. he doesnt know!

but enjoy these pictures and i hope ya'll have a great week :)
~Elder Herrera