Saturday, April 16, 2016

September 28, 2015

So i must be doing something good or something bad that time is flying and it seems like theres never enough time to do everything we need to do! well yeah so much more to talk about this week than last week.

Monday-played Risk(its kinda a bad habit...) did laundry and went to a knife shop! sadly i dont have spending money so i just window shopped, also i kind want boots soo im saving up for that. went grocery shopping found out that one of the elders spent all his money on fruit from his last area so he had no money left to pay for this week we all had to chip in and help him pay his share, his companion isnt really happy.

Tusday- We had district meeting and then after that we went as a district to get food since we live so far away from one another we like to catch up. when we got back Elder Barlow and i got ready to for our FHE that we were planning for our branch, we planned out the lesson and the activity and we also made brownies!! that night alot of familys showed to see what the elders had come up with and well lets just say it went off awesomely!! we taught them about listing to the spirit and our activity was a blind fold mine activity. everyone had such a blast!... no pun intended. were having another in two weeks

wensday- i cant remember it flew by quickly

thursday-got a free hair cut from some one we were teaching i look better now! with out my bushy hair.

Friday- did alot of OYming but after six the town dies and everyone isat the High School, foot ball is a big thing here! GO SANDCRABS. so we went to Sonic and we met a new person we are planing to teach she took a selfie with us!

Saturday- Prepared for sunday and went out to a small town where we were caught in a storm and it was awesome so many lightning strikes!

Sunday- SO today we got good news on victor he called his mom to get permission to get baptized.. and she said he could! because she actually received the missionary discussions some timke ago! so the next step is to ask him what day he wants to get baptized! so many amazing things happening in his life that i cant wait to see him doing well a few years after! 

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