Monday, January 11, 2016

September 21, 2015

Wow seriously its Monday already? time flew quickly! since i really cant remember what happened this last week this email update will be short sorry next week will be longer promise!

So this week we have made alot of progress with our investigators Victor always has great questions and he wants to be ready before he gets baptized, but he pretty much is there our last lesson was the word of wisdom which was a great experience, cause we had prepared to teach him that lesson and when he showed up his wife said he had a question concerning why we couldn't drink coffee! and we were like funny thing we actually teach a lesson regarding that, Victor and his Wife were surprised as we were! but the best part of the whole lesson Victor told us to dump ALL of his coffee down the sink!! what just happened? after we left my companion was yup that was the spirit hand helping us. So ya anything possible if heavenly father wants it to happen and if the person also desires to change.
 Javier is going along as well, we read the book of Mormon with him and he understands what we teach him, he's actually going to bring his wife and kid from Mexico in a few weeks amd he wants them toi get the lessons as well so he wont decided on a date till they hear from us as well and decided as a family, so were praying that the spirit guides him and his family to find the truth and to protect them.

So when the sun goes down two things come out,amazing wonderful Fire Flies! and dreaded mosquitos... but yeah in this town once it 8pm the town goes dead and its hard to OYM or proselyte. and since we are not allowed to knock doors anymore so we ride our bikes around hoping we find some 1 in the dark who wants to talk and also hoping we don't get attacked by loose dogs!

So we went back to the mission office this last week to do the last training for the new people aka me... but yeah the topic was being to teach all 5 lessons, well the thing is ive only taught 3 out of the 5 yup ill just say it went better than i thought. actually i did horribly except for the first 3 and those were still a bit off except the restoration i killed it on that. but this experince taught me i still have a lot to work on. 

till next time with more!
Elder Herrera

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