Monday, January 11, 2016

September 9, 2015

Holla Familia y Amigos!

Como estan todos? Hope the change in weather is doing all ya'll some good, its still hot here... with the occasional rain shower. Well alot has happened and its all moving fast! The days dont seem so long anymore but i still return home tired and after planning i just pass out, and im out till the next morning! funny stuff though is that i apparently talk in my sleep and im told i have given the restoration talk and plan of salvation. isnt that cool? but besides that since last time, we found a new family to teach and the great thing is that they are open to new things and well in other words ready for us and i say this is because they absorb every thing we taught them the first lessons and were even hitting on points for our next lessons but sadly we had to go to another appointment so this week we are going back! but sadly i wont be going cause transfers are this week and i will be moved to a new area :( still dont know where but ill let y'all know where i end up next week. sorry this email will be short but were also moving out of our apartment and we have a few days to do it so got limited time this week! but i just want to let all y'all know que estoy bien sano y salvo :) oh and i was told that my mission has a FB page so ya you can see some videos and maybe a picture or two of me on there Texas Houston South Mission.  theres even a video of me "singing" haha yeah those of you who know me or seen me in church i don't sing but i decided to change that and now i try, i may sound bad but its fun. so yeah i walked in to the shower yesterday after hearing we were being transferred and i heard my companion "crying" haha he said he wasnt crying his eyes were just sweating. like him im gonna miss this area and the familys and investigators ive met and how close i got to them in such a short time. But I will go where the Lord asks me to go because i know there are people there who who have been ready'd. well till next time

Elder Herrera
 Familia Matamoros

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