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August 31, 2015

Hello Y'all

So this last week we had some success in our attempt to start fresh, we found a new investigator who is so happy to have the missionaries over! and he's a good friends with the bishop, makes it easier to teach the family. the first lesson was amazing! you could feel the spirit! we meet with them again on tuesday again. so hopefully they prayed and got answer and we can go on from that. and we can help them progress they are an awesome family and if you didnt know them before hand you would think they were members. This week we did a lot of our focusing on inactive members and trying to get them back. its a little hard since most let their pride get in the way, they know the gospel is true, but they can't get over small things that other members have done and were offended by. so thats what my companions been up to the last week, looking for new investigator and re-activating members. two hard tasks but worth the effort! and this last sunday we were able to get one family back! and it was after some service we did the day before by picking up branches and putting some gravel in. even though the mosquitoes were on the attack it was still a great time! got pancakes out of it lol. 

on friday i went on exchanges with another elder and i was sent to another area with Elder Steed, i dont know if i mentioned him before but hes a legend here in the THSM, if i didnt well heres the fast version this elder was mugged at gun point, and when you think thats bad nope, not only did he get his stuff stolen but he also got "pistol whipped" in the face. which means he got a gun smacked in his face, which broke his face and had  to have surgery and two days after he was back on the streets working. yup a legend and i say that because one of the elders who came out the same time as i did heard what happened at the MTC and told everyone on the plane ride to housten he had the majority of the elders nervous not wanting to be sent to that area. but funny thing he was sent to area first transfer. anywas Elder Steed is amazing and completely different from  my companions, a good change of pace but i learned a lot from him and seeing how he is around his investigators i can see he cares a lot for them and thats something i want to achieve over time with my new investigators we'll soon be meeting. but yeah i also got to ride bikes today! and it was exciting and a fun experince kinda forgot we were in the rough part of town lol but yeah cant wait till i can be in a bike area.

Scriptures that have helped me this week: Matt 10:38-40
Ether 12:6
Proverbs 2:5,11-12

I hope everyones doing well and some are getting ready for school so good luck to you and work hard! and everyone who works year round well "endure to the end" :) well that all for now so till next week. stay safe all y'all!


Elder Herrera

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