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August 24, 2015

Hola! How is everyone!

So this week went by fast! we had a new missionary meeting were we got instructed on safety with cars, and bikes. we also went over stress and how we can relieve it we also got a talk about the Atonement from our mission president. so they explained how the Tiwi (our driving monitor) is our friends... how it helps avoid accidents and avoit tickets. yeah the tiwi is the a little devil in disguise!! I enjoy driving and it helps me relieve stress while im here cause its something i like to do. but the tiwi is a back seat driver you wish you never had. but i know its there for our safety so it good but not fun to have maybe if it had a british voice i would be okay with that :) ill be asking that next meeting. 

but yeah everything has been good this week a lot of rain and some awesome lighting shows!! But the rain here is nothing like up there, one its warm thats the good part, and second when it rains it really comes down! this last week i took like 7 unwanted showers. like i open the door to the car and im already soaking wet haha. sad part about this week being rainy is that no one wants to open the doors, and all our appointments are dropped it makes it hard on us but we push on.

 My senior companion decided with the lack of progress we've been having the last week and a half that we should drop everyone and start new in a new part of our area. i was surprised with this decision cause i thought we were doing well so i was a bit conflicted with this new decision. but i prayed about it and i got a good feeling that we should go with his plan. so starting this week were gonna start out fresh and i have faith that we are going to find new people to teach and move the word forward. we only kept two of our old investigator Baltazar and his wife Ricci, and Judith the lady i mentioned in my last Email. Baltazar and Ricci are friends with memebers so we are getting the members to invite them over for lessons but the Husband works alot and the wife is going to start working this week since school starts today. But Elder Tittle thinks it will work. With Judith we've taught her every lesson since shes always home and she loves when we drop by :) and she knows our message is true but the one thing holding us back is her is in her condition we cant baptize her with out causing damage :/ i feel bad but we are just waiting on what we should do. 

but over all its a new week and a new start! we are ready.

so intresting things that happened:
Had my first bible bash... yeah it wasnt how we thought our lesson was gonna go but it went there, and my companion Elder Tittle just owned it. it wasnt an agressive incounture but it was a waste of time and i really want to avoid these situations

I've been here a month and i still havent had any BBQ my heart breaks every time i smell it from a distance and i cant have any :(

I found out that theres an alligator park right by our apartment, ill have pictures for next week! yes ill be dangerous when encountering these cuddly creatures.

till next time,
Elder Herrera

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