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September 14, 2015

 Hola Familia y Amigos

This week has been full of  moving around! Like i said last week i was moving apartments so i had little time. Did that then the next day I was personally moved from my area and got a new companion! it was bitter sweet leaving a place i grew attached to but i knew i was moved for a reason. so my new companion/area is *drum roll*.... Elder Barlow and the area is Port Lavaca.... cool..wait wheres Port Lavaca? yeah thats like the furthest south in my mission you can go and it small enough it only has a Branch, well never seen or been in a branch soo that was going to be something new. But before we left President called us to the office with two other missionaries and told us that our Area is going to be split in half and instead of just one companionship there, it would now have two. He said this was part of a plan/vision he and the Branch President had. They want us to work together to turn the Branch into a Ward... well that took everyone a second to realize the task we were given. He looked at us and said that it would be possible because the numbers werent far for us to attain this goal. I'm thinking, how far is far? but yeah i know why i was called to this area. and now i was confused as to why haha. but yeah he said we would meet up again and talk more about the plan. so yeah headed to the new area which is a little over 2 hours and boy that was the boringest drive ever, one reason was because we four missionaries were jammed into a jeep compass with all our stuff. and we were tired. but when we got to the new area i found out we also had to move out of that trailer they were in to an apartment the next day! whats up with me moving am i going to do that every new companionship? but yeah no room or space really for four missionaries so i claimed a place on the couch, worst sleep i had since ive vbeen on the mission field.

new Mailing Address is:

306 Holday lane 
Port Lavaca TX 77979

So Elder Barlow, info in him is that he has been on his mission for a year and a half. he is born and raised in Utah. and funny thing he is the stereotypical awkward utah missionary i heard about haha. but he's awesome and we teach pretty well together even though we have only been together a few days. First day out though i encountered kids that while i was giving the restoration i had kids climing on me and kids slapping me... but i kept constant eye contact with the person i was talking to and gave my self a mental high five haha. but the second time i was teach it was out side and i dont know what happened but i got swarmed by mosquito's and i was second from getting up and leaving it was that bad! but before i did the person we were teaching asked if we wanted to come in *yes salvation!* but to be honest i dont know if ill be able to handle the Mosquitos even with the large amount of bug spray i put on they still get me!!! my patients will be tested. but result of that attack on me i have a swollen foot which my shoe no longer fits, so yeah cool story.  

enough of my complaining, besides that ive enjoyed my time here and the people are wonderful the Branch President last name is also Herrera so every one think im related. we have three new investigators that we found and taught and intrested to hear more. we have a part member family that the husband, Victore is on the verge of getting an answer to his prayers on whether or not he should be baptized. so please pray for him! anyways yeah thats what its been like since ive been here :)

Side info:
I saw my first Fire Fly :D while riding bacK!!!

I may have rolled my ankle... but i think ducktape will fix that.

I'm addicted to playing Risk!

I seen more armadillo but there always dead :( 

The foot ball team is named Sand Crabs

Oh and i got the letter Bishop Cain sent with all ya'll letters, I may only know a few of you but they all brought alot of happiness to me and im glad that I'm some one you look up to. And i know one day all of you will also have the chance to put on that armor and join fight against evil and help people to come unto Christ! its not easy but it worth every minute and i've only been out for a short time but i know this decision is worth it!

Quote- "Home is where the beds at"- Me 

ANyways thats alll for this week folks! Toon in next time :)
Elder Herrera

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