Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hi, outside world!
    I'll soon be joining you again!
    The MTC is like a college and prison combined... Just kidding! It's more like... Celestial Jail. But yeah, I am still alive! Today is my last full day here. I will be waking up at 3:30 in the morning, and heading out to catch a flight at 8 am. I should be in Texas by about 2 in the afternoon! My time here has been amazing. I could not have asked for a better experience. When I first arrived, I was worried I would get stuck with a random, annoying partner. I was told to stop worrying, but I just couldn't. So God decided to place me not only in a group of three, but as the District Leader! I was left in charge of a bunch of oddballs, all of them set out on testing me. Because of that, I've been blessed, and I have learned to love my district. Also, during my time here and reading my scriptures, I've really come to love a certain passage. In Doctrine and Covenants 50:13-14 and 22, these verses have become really close to my heart. It gave me an extra push to make it through my days here at the MTC.

   One of the things that I didn't count on, was that I would end up so spiritually drained. It's so different, because I can feel physically energized, but I am running on spiritual fumes! Lol. Since I have had to use that part of me every single day, I am growing stronger. I have been able to really get in touch with the Spirit, but I never expected to be tired.

   So, I got to see Elder Weller this week! I was so excited, because everyone in my district seemed to know each other, and I didn't know anyone! I am the only one from the PNW. But, seeing him gave me a total surge of excitement. I am so glad I saw him.

   It's been a full week now, and we aren't getting any newbies here. I had a lot of fun saying "Welcome to the MTC!" when we had new people, as revenge for when I went through that my first day. But wow, what a full week!

   So, the 24th of July is apparently Pioneer Day here in Utah... Is that even a thing? I think everyone is crazy! But my companion says he finds it funny.

  Tonight is when I leave the MTC and head out to the field! I am so excited. I have had a great experience here. But, it is time for me to go! We were about to get someone to come to a baptism, and it was a great feeling. I am both happy and sad we have to leave. I am not there to see the baptism, but I am happy too, because I know I will get this feeling every time I am in the field. So, until next week!

-Elder Herrera OUT

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