Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hola Y'all!

   How is every one doing? I'm doing fine. The heat hasn't killed me yet! But the mosquitos are getting close to! I'm glad to get your messages, it's good to know I have a good support back home.

   So, an update from last week. After Comp Inventory (companion) we were able to get everything off our mind and come to terms with everything. And after that, Elder Alfonso and I have actually gotten along better. But my trainer Elder Tittle didn't even know so much was being held back. He knew there was tension, but not not that WWIII was on the brink, lol. But after we talked, we knew what areas we had to change, and what to improve on. Every one here is really strictly obedient to the mission rules! It kind of makes the elders back home look really free-willed. But those were my only examples of missionaries. But yeah, that would be a bad idea here. That was most of the problem between Elder Alfonso and I, he felt I was not following them well enough. But I have been here a week! He couldn't grasp that. So we talked and agreed that it would be in my best interest to get on their level. It will take time, and he is fine with that. But now we are good pals, and we have some stuff in common! So we are smooth sailing in the companion area. My prayers were answered, and my patience paid off.

   All last week we were running around, trying to get in contact with less active members to bring them back. It is hard, because when they're doing well, they come across something that breaks them. It is sad to hear. But being a convert, I know there's things online that will sway the minds of strong people. But if you have a testimony that you can hold on to, nothing can sway you. My testimony has blessed me with the strength to overcome the same waves that breaks other people. It is difficult to convey that to others. But I have faith that if I keep at it, I will be able to get people back towards the light once more. :) With my trio companionship, we rock each lesson and bring the Spirit. I think another group described the three of us as the Bump, Set, Spike companionship, haha!

   So we have four potential investigators: Felipe, Baltasar, Elio, and Maricela. They have all had difficulty in life, but they are learning that through Christ, everything is possible. It is just hard sometimes, because they have a weird schedule. It makes it difficult to set times for lessons. But we won't give up!

   Judith, the lady we helped plant roses for, has been taking lessons. She knows the church is true, but it is hard to get her to go to church with her bedridden condition. We keep teaching her, though, and she loves our company. We showed her talks on, and she got sucked into them! Once we get her to church, we will set a date for a baptism.

   I SAW AN ARMADILLO! Well... Half of one on the side of the road. But I wanna see a full one now!

   I went to a meeting on how Ward Missionaries and Missionaries should be working together. Sorry, Kendall, for not understanding that until now!

Elder Herrera, over and out

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